Kentucky Derby Favorites 2014

An In-depth Preview of This Year’s kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is a horse racing competition that takes place on the first Saturday of the month of May. This year, the event is scheduled for 4th May and will take place in Louisville at the famous Churchill Downs race track. This year’s event promises to be just as electrifying as last year’s with super dominant horses scheduled to take part. The Kentucky derby favorites for 2014 are already being listed on the internet which will for sure make the betting process even tougher this year.

Kentucky Derby Favorites 2014

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The 2014 Kentucky Derby will commence at 8am with the first race expected to kick off at 10.30am. The post time is scheduled at around 6:24 pm. For horse racing enthusiasts who will not be in a position to attend the competition in person, they still have a chance to catch the action online or on television.

A lot of new rules have been introduced, especially in the qualification process. The process for the Kentucky derby is more streamlined to increase the efficiency. For instance, the qualifying stake races have been reduced to 36 from 185. This is aimed at creating a starting field that is even more competitive. In addition to this, there are also new points systems in place for this year’s competition. The to 3 year olds now have more challenging tasks before the derby day. It is anticipated that these changes to the rules will have an impact on how the running of this year’s race will be conducted. Without a doubt, this is going to have an impact on the odds of some of the contenders who are poised to win the competition.

The history of Kentucky derby goes way back in May 1875 where the competition debuted. Even though it was only a premier event, the gathering was over 10,000 people with Aristides being the first horse to emerge the winner in the competition. To date, the event has grown exponentially and hundreds of thousands usually attend the derby. The horse race track was initially 1.5 miles long, but it has now been shortened to measure 1.35 miles. This is the recommended length of a horse race today.

Who to Watch out for in 2014

Cairo Prince is the #1 contender for this year.  He was a top contender in last year’s competition as well.  Many people are NOT taking into account Ragtime though.  The horse is trained by Shug McCaughey, who is the winning trainer of Orb, who won the Kentucky Derby in 2013. The undertaker is another notable contender who is trained by John Servis. He is a good racer who can assume control of the track even in the worst conditions as it has been portrayed in the previous races. A discussion of these horses cannot be complete without mentioning Texas Ryano. He is a possible winner having been trained by professional Carla Gaines. Paganol is also another possible contender who can win this year’s race. He is definitely among the Kentucky derby 2014 favorites because of his ability to prevail all the enemies and produce a smart finish. Other notable favorites include Bayern, Havana, Samraat and Bond holder.

PERSONALLY, I’m putting my money on Cairo Prince and Ragtime.  As you can see –  the list of the favorites is long because the number of new entries keeps growing every year. The competition is tough this year, it really could be anybody’s game!

This being the 140th Kentucky derby horse racing event, a lot of spectators and racing fans are expected to attend. It is an exciting event that will make the month of May worth a remarkable month for horse racing lovers.  Good luck!!

Good luck!

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